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What are the classifications of fiber jumpers?

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  Optical fiber jumpers can be divided into common single-mode and multi-mode jumpers of silicon-based optical fibers according to different transmission media, and other optical fiber jumpers such as plastics; the structure of the connector can be divided into: FC Jumpers, SC jumpers, ST jumpers, LC jumpers, MTRJ jumpers, MPO jumpers, MU jumpers, SMA jumpers, FDDI jumpers, E2000 jumpers, DIN4 jumpers, D4 jumpers, etc. form. More common fiber jumpers can also be divided into FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, SC-ST and so on.
  Single-mode fiber: Generally, the fiber jumper is indicated by yellow, the connector and the cover are blue, and the transmission distance is long.
Multi-mode fiber: Generally, the fiber jumper is indicated by orange, and some are indicated by gray. The connector and cover are made of beige or black; the transmission distance is short.



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